If you’re feeling old, you’re not alone. We ALL are, at least collectively . . .

A new Census report found the median age in the U.S. hit a new all-time high last year . . . 38.9 years old. Back in 2000, it was 35. And in 1980, it was just 30.

So what DOES “Median Age” mean?

“Median” isn’t quite the “average.” When you take every person’s age, it’s the one in the middle.

It’s partly because we’re living longer, but mainly because no one’s having kids. Birth rates have been falling fast since the Great Recession in 2007, and the pandemic didn’t help.

The oldest state in America is Maine, with a median age of 44.8. New Hampshire is next at 43.3. Utah is the youngest state by far at 31.9 years old. Then it’s Texas at 35.5.