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I'm curious by nature and so intrigued by human behavior. I wanna know why you are the way you are. I'm working on figuring out why I am the why I am...shout out to my therapist. I'm a homebody, love being outdoors to hike or kayak (but I still scream if a bug flies at me), live for live music, and am working on perfecting my jalapeno margarita.



Amy Reed

Hey, I’m Amy. I should’ve been born a rockstar but I can’t sing, try as I might, and can’t play an instrument. S0…radio! I lived in Columbia in 2017 and 2018 (working on our sister station, Q93.5!) and am so excited to be back. There’s just something about palm trees, the Gamecocks, Soda City, the fireflies (the bugs that sync their lights up but I’ve had some really fun nights at the ballpark, too), and having fun on the lake or at a show at the CLA or The Senate. Other things about me:

  • Music obsessed
  • A bit of a gypsy, I was moving around even before radio (and have lived in 8 states)
  • Am as into the gym as I am into eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch (balance, right?)
  • And, I have really strong opinions about a lot of things (mostly things like putting your shopping cart back)

Thank you for hanging out with me, afternoons. I look forward to getting to know you!