DCTF “Don’t Give A…” Keywords Thurs & Fri

If you’re new, here’s how the current on-air contest, “Dave & Chuck Don’t Give A…“, works:

You get 10 keywords a day 7a-4p. When you hear a keyword, you have an hour to enter it HERE. You can play as little or as much as you like, each word could be *the* word that scores you a trip to anywhere in the U.S. (yup, you get to pick)! It’s all powered by Shroeder’s Towing.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it’s been a weird week. Mercury is in retrograde or it’s just the state of the world, who knows. You probably have enough going on and as a thank you for being a Freeloader, we wanted to make the rest of the week a little easier on you. So, here are the keywords for Thurs & Fri.

Just a head’s up, same rule applies: you have to wait until it’s the keywords’ hour (ie the 7am keyword is only valid between 7:00:00a and 7:59:59am) before being able to enter it.

THURS 4/18

  • 7a tourist
  • 8a pack
  • 9a space
  • 10a clerk
  • 11a photo
  • 12p click
  • 1p engage
  • 2p listeners
  • 3p mountain
  • 4p beach

FRI 4/19

  • 7a reserve
  • 8a enter
  • 9a words
  • 10a friend
  • 11a travel
  • 12p VIP
  • 1p good
  • 2p explore
  • 3p guide
  • 4p radio

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