Subscribing to the adage “there’s strength in numbers,” UFO theorists from all over the country are getting together to finally find out what the government is hiding in Area 51.

More than 260,000 believers have signed up for an upcoming event called

“Storm Area 51 — They Can’t Stop All Us.” (my thought here is you’d be suprised what a bunch of machine guns can do)

On September 20th, at 3 a.m., the group plans to — well, the name of the event says it all.

The heavily-guarded Air Force base, located in Nevada, is a satellite of Edwards Air Force Base that’s used to test new weapons and aircraft.

Because of the nature of its operations, everything that occurs there is kept on the down low (Read code word top flippin secret)

which has led conspiracy theorists to believe the government could be housing a crashed UFO there.

Whether they’re right will be determined on September 20th — if they can get past the aforementioned guards.

I’m thinking more like 250 people show up and no…They don’t get past the guards…The other 250K or so people are probably in on the joke.


So, if you’re one of the now  reported 1.5 million people who plan to “storm” Area 51 on September 20th you may wanna know that the United States military says they’ll be ready for you.

U.S. Airforce spokesperson Laura McAndrews wants everyone to understand that Area 51 is still an open training range for the Air Force and that the military “always stands ready to protect America and its assets.”

McAndrews didn’t give out specifics how the U.S. might defend itself against an attempted “base-jacking” but also didn’t give out specifics on what Area 51 is actually used for, either.