The year: 1989. I was 7 years old. I turned 8 later that year. My baby brother was born that year as well.

George H W Bush was president.

Fletch Lives was the big movie in the theaters.

The biggest song in the US was Lost in Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson. (BTW- I like Debbie, but I was more of a Tiffany girl myself. That’s probably not a surprise though… she was the rebel, Debbie was the girl next door… I digress.)

The world population was 5,201,440,110. All of those people were about to learn about the world wide web. If you’re old enough to remember this sound you remember the beginnings of the internet.

What a glorious time to be alive. I remember picking out my first email address ([email protected]) and using it to email my first love Jeff while he was onboard the USS Bremerton. That was an amazing feat. Before that we had family grams that had to be air-dropped with the mail. Emailing my sailor while he was out to sea was amazing. I met my ex-husband in an AOL chat room… so that happened. I remember joining My Space and Facebook. The internet is weird, informative and scary sometimes. But it’s joined the entire world together, and it’s pretty impressive if you really think about what it was like 30 years ago to now.

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