I like wine. OK, I love wine. It’s probably my go-to alcoholic drink. As much as I love beer, wine is typically easier to drink, it won’t make me gassy, and it doesn’t fill me up as fast. And sometimes you never know how heavy the bartender is going to pour liquor into a cocktail, so wine is the safe choice. You know 100% of what is in your glass is alcohol– more bang for your buck if you will.
The last few days wine has been all over social media for a few reasons…
A writer for Food & Wine picked up a bottle of red and a Pringles can in an effort to recreate the viral sensation from over the weekend.
If you were paying attention to the news, or my show, you probably heard about the woman who was busted at a Walmart for imbibing from the potato chip container, which earned her a lifetime ban from the store.
My question: can you successfully drink wine from a Pringles can? Turns out, you can. Mike Pomranz, the Food & Wine writer, said that the Pringles can holds the exact volume as a bottle of wine. Interesting…
Pomranz suggests that you don’t even need to start by washing out the chip residue before pouring your bottle… wait, what? I don’t want soggy chips in my wine! Gross. My concern is leakage. He says you won’t have to worry much about that, as the can is surprisingly watertight. Hmm. This may be a good way to day drink at work… it’s just Ranch Pringles boss. Nothing to see here!
The other cool wine story this week comes from Georgia (the country not the state).
Winemakers from the nation of Georgia are researching how to grow grapes on the Red Planet, which could one day be turned into Martian wine.
Right now they’re working to determine the best type of grape to withstand radiation, dust storms, and other hazards on the Martian surface. They say white wine has a better chance of survival because the grapes are ‘more resistant to viruses’.
Georgia claims to have invented wine-making more than 8,000 years ago. One researcher said “Our ancestors brought wine to Earth, so we can do the same to Mars”. Good thinking guys. I’m 1000% on board with this unnecessary endeavor!

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