Source: YouTube

There’s a collegiate summer baseball team in Macon, Georgia that call themselves the “Macon Bacon.”  It’s a fun team name, and their mascot is a seven-foot slice of bacon named Kevin.  (Get it?  Kevin Bacon.)

Not everyone is amused though.  An animal rights group called the “Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine” says bacon increases cancer risk, and they are asking the team to change its name to something that’s healthier.

They’re not going to be successful though.  The president of the Macon Bacon said they were “very surprised” to hear the criticism, which has also been posted on billboards in the city.

He said, “The Macon Bacon do not view ourselves as a glorification of an unhealthy lifestyle . . . we pride ourselves on being a fun-natured organization focused on bringing families and communities together.”

He added that while they DO serve a ton of bacon in the stadium, they also offer plant-based options.  And as for the name, he said, “[We] will not consider a name change.  Ever.”