If your boss catches you napping at work, here are six reasons to nap that might keep you out of trouble:
Naps give you a better outlook for your workday. A board-certified internist says, Resting the body for even a short period of time allows the body’s systems to rest and rebalance. This translates into more efficient as well as more rewarding work, which in turn makes work more enjoyable.
Naps give you an attitude adjustment. Doctors say, Napping improves alertness, sharpens memory, and reduces fatigue — all of which makes us more productive.
Naps can ease depression and anxiety. According to doctors, In working people who are stressed (physically and/or mentally), their bodies produce substances such as cortisol, catecholamines, and neuropeptides that aid them in getting things accomplished on a short-term basis without harmful effects.
Naps can bring out the best in your professional and personal relationships. The doc says, People who are stressed and tired more easily become angry, cranky, or just harder to deal with. A nap can de-stress and rebalance hormones and improve relationships — personally and with co-workers.
Limit your naps. Even though naps are beneficial, 30 minutes to an hour is all you need, so you don’t mess up your night sleep.
Naps add years to your life. Doctors say, Napping has been shown to decrease death rates from heart disease in countries in which afternoon siestas are common (the Mediterranean and Latin America).

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