Well that will teach you to steal packages.

So you’re thinking…I’ll go steal some packages from some front porches and get myself something cool.

Well some thieves are apparently learning the hard way.

A package carrying nine tarantulas is missing from a South Carolina porch.

The FedEx shipment of about nine tarantulas was supposed to arrive at an Upstate home on Friday.

The person that ordered the spiders…And we need to discuss her later on Sunday told a deputy she received a notice that her package had been sent but never got it.

The spider-filled shipment was worth about $1,000.

Officials listed the case as a “possible larceny of mail.” The spider ordering lady thought the package was taken from her porch.

The shipment was still missing as of yesterday…I would assume you would look for the house on fire because if you opened that in your house you’d probably have to burn it down.