In the most Australian (I’m guessing) thing ever, a calm man tries to pet a calm warthog and ends up getting headbutted.

Yes, I hope that dude is okay, but also, we have to acknowledge that wild animals are…wild…and…animals. When he asked if he could pet it, someone in teh background of this video says “no” and yet, here we are. And this is why I don’t do nature. Or rather, I should say I do nature until nature touches me and then I’m going back inside. Which is why I don’t do well when nature follows me inside my apartment. As seen below when a frog hopped in to my living room after I opened my balcony door.

I spent 25 minutes using a therapist voice to tell the frog that he’s not in danger but he needs to leave and then went over the exits with him. He hopped out on his own accord and I cleaned my apartment until I felt like it wasn’t dirty.

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