Now I’ve seen it all… I hope…
Ringing doorbells is so 2018, apparently licking them is the way to go in 2019.
California surveillance video shows a man who was identified as Roberto Daniel Arroyo licking a family’s doorbell and lurking around their Salinas property for roughly three hours. 3 hours? Dude has WAY too much time on his hands. I can see giving it a lick for a minute or 2, but 3 whole hours? That’s 6 episodes of Friends! Maybe his Netflix account got canceled…. 
Anyway, The Dungan’s were out of town when the incident happened outside of their house in Salinas, CA but their kids were inside the home.
Police were quickly able to identify the suspect based on the security camera footage.
Arroyo took an extension cord and was found the next day by neighbors.
Police said this should be a good reminder of the importance of home security systems. Noted. Calling someone about that immediately. 
The Dugan’s made it a point to disinfect their doorbell when they returned home. Lysol to the rescue!

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