Is your daughter dating soon? Does she date now? Wanna make sure she’s not dating a dirtbag?

Sandra Prior at contacted FBI agents to give you an idea of what to look out for!

Commence with a Background Scrutiny
Initiate by acquiring the suitor’s name from your daughter, then scour online platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube. Insights gleaned from personal profiles or videos offer glimpses into his character, particularly discernible through his preferences in movies, literature, and entertainment. Notably, criminal inclinations often mimic portrayals from media sources.

Evaluate Sartorial Sensibilities
The manner in which he presents himself holds significance. A meticulously chosen attire, groomed appearance, and subtle fragrance suggest conscientiousness. Conversely, signs of negligence, like unkempt attire and personal hygiene, warrant skepticism.

Deciphering Body Art
Visible tattoos and piercings often signal a plea for attention or assistance. Inquiring about their significance provides valuable insights into his psyche, indicating potential compatibility or discordance with your daughter’s sensibilities.

Observing Conversational Conduct
Observe his response during lulls in conversation. Beyond overtly inappropriate remarks, adeptness in engaging in trivial discourse denotes civility and social grace.

Assert Expectations and Responsibilities
Observe his receptivity to your communicated expectations and his demeanor throughout the interaction, as body language can betray resistance or acquiescence.

Scrutinize the Vehicle
The suitability of his transportation offers clues about his financial prudence and decision-making. A well-maintained vehicle suggests a propensity for responsibility, potentially reflecting his treatment of your daughter. Recording the license plate number provides additional precautionary measures.