There Are Apps Where You Can Invest in Art, Video Games, Wine, and Dinosaur Bones

Sure, anyone can invest their money in things like stocks or bonds or even cryptocurrency.  But if you want a portfolio that’s actually COOL, why not invest in dinosaur bones and wines that only like 17 people could afford to drink?

A whole new group of “alternative investing” websites and apps have come out over the past few years that let you invest your money in cool STUFF . . . some of which can gain a lot more value than old school investments.  Here are four examples:


1. is a place where you can invest in rare wines . . . where the prices have tripled since 2006.


2. buys rare collectibles and sells shares in them.  We’re talking about comic books, first editions of books, autographed memorabilia, classic cars, and even a triceratops skeleton.


3. lets you invest in video games before they come out, giving you a piece of the action as people buy them and play them.


4. turns you into an art investor . . . they buy famous works of art, you buy shares, and then you get a cut when those works sell in the future.

There are other sites where you can invest in trading cards, real estate, farmland, sneakers, or even supply chain financing.  And most of the time, you can get rolling with only a few hundred dollars.


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