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Oppenheimer hits theaters today and there has been a TON of buzz about the film.

In fact, The Nickelodeon Theatre for the opening weekend of Barbie + Oppenheimer. It will be hosting a double feature on July 20-22. Enjoy a 30-minute break between movies for concessions and bathroom runs. Choose the order of the movies; Barbie first in Theater One or Oppenheimer first in Theater Two. Tickets for both show are $24.

The Nickelodeon Theatre’s 1600 block neighbor, Smoked, is offering two featured drinks this week to celebrate the double feature premiere of Barbie x Oppenheimer at the Nickelodeon Theatre tonight.

You have either:

  • Main Street Barbie, a blend of Plymouth Gin, fresh watermelon, orgeat, and a hint of fresno pepper.
  • or the Manhattan Project combines Laphroaig 10, Harleston Green Blended Scotch, Drambuie, Cherry Heering, Olorosso Sherry, and a Fernet Rinse.

But want to know the real story behind Oppenheimer, read Smithsonian Magazine’s article here.

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