The House That Inspired “The Conjuring” Is for Sale

The house that inspired the first “Conjuring” film just went up for sale.  You know, the one that ED and LORRAINE WARREN visited in the ’70s . . . it’s actually one of the most well-known haunted homes in the country.

This 1836 Rhode Island farmhouse can be yours for only . . . $1.2 million.  According to the real estate listing, it has three bedrooms, one full bathroom and one partial bathroom . . . but it does have eight and a half acres of land.

The house is currently used as an overnight rental for paranormal researchers, ghost hunters, and anyone else who wants to get a scare.

The current caretakers have reported quite a few happenings in the house.  After all, the land is allegedly cursed and haunted by the ghost of Bathsheba Sherman.

They also lean into the home’s association with “The Conjuring”.  There are movie posters on one of the walls and the real estate listing video is like a mini horror movie, complete with a ghost girl and a Raggedy Ann doll that moves by itself.

Check out the real estate listing here, especially the video.

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