Move over man bun, there is a new hair trend in town.
Troll dolls have inspired the latest in fashion-forward hair. It’s called the “fashion troll.”
It’s a swoopy up-do that is the style staple of the popular 90s dolls. Now it’s the look of the season for men’s fashion according to Esquire magazine.
Thom Browne’s Paris runway show over the weekend featured several male models sporting the look, which you can see in the video.
Do dudes REALLY want to look like a troll, doll or otherwise? I thought trolls were a bad thing; that’s why we call people who have nothing better to do than bitch online “internet trolls.”
Also, can you imagine going to your barber and saying “please make me look like a troll?” I’d straight up refuse to do it. When you walk out of your stylists’ business, you need to look good; your hair is their product. If you look like a troll, who’s going to want to get their hair done by your hairdresser?
Sigh… I miss man buns already.

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