Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes To Avoid

There’s a lot more to cooking a turkey than tossing it into the oven. There are a lot of mistakes that could open the door to food poisoning. “Huffington Post” asked food experts for the top boo-boos to avoid. Keep these in mind.

  • Not Washing Your Hands
  • Thawing Your Turkey Anywhere But The Fridge. “Bacteria, germs and other harmful pathogens grow at an alarming rate when the turkey is thawed at room temperature.”
  • Cooking Frozen Turkey. It’ll cook unevenly and some will be under cooked
  • Allowing Your Thawing Turkey Juices To Drip Into Your Fridge
  • Washing Your Turkey. It spreads bacteria around the kitchen
  • Just Letting The Turkey Sit In The Oven. Rotate and baste it
  • Not Using A Meat Thermometer
  • Stuffing The Turkey. It’s safer to cook stuffing on the outside of the bird

Source: Huffington Post

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