Today will be challenging for some parents as Richland 1 school district, Lexington-Richland 5, and the

Sumter School District have cancelled classes in anticipation of the rally being held by teachers at the State House today.

Law enforcement say they are getting ready for the influx of teachers in the area.

Organizers believe more than 5,000 people will be attending the rally at the State House.

The Bureau of Protective Services says they will have additional officers on hand. They will be treating this like they would any other rally or event at the State House.

Columbia Police say they are on standby to assist with any traffic control if needed.

If you are headed downtown to rally with the teachers the nearby parking garages are:

  • 1007 Park Street
  • 851 Park Street
  • 820 Washington Street
  • 1301 Assembly Street -1068 Pickens Street