When it comes to determining the spookiest song ever, you have to set some parameters. Monster Mash, Werewolves of London, and Spooky (pick your version) are all Halloween classics, but spooky? Ah, no. I’m talking about that song that happens to be playing when you get lost going down a long dirt road at 3 am, in the middle of nowhere. The one that makes you reach for the Depends because you are about to soil yourself.

To me, there are only two songs that fit these criteria.  DOA by Bloodrock (with a name like that, you are good for one hit only) and the one above, Swamp Witch, by the man who bought you “Wilwood Weed”, the late great Jim Stafford.

Now don’t be wimpy! Listen to it with the lights off. Ohhhhhhhhh spooky.