South Carolina Finishes Off Perfect Season with NCAA Championship

Dawn Staley and South Carolina have solidified their status as the next women’s basketball dynasty with two NCAA titles in the last three seasons and an impressive 109 wins in their last 112 games.

Things started out promising for Iowa, who, at one point, held a double-digit lead and finished the first quarter up 27-20. South Carolina chipped away at that lead, however, and turned it around, taking a three-point lead into halftime. From there, they held Iowa to just 13 points in the third to break things open and never look back.

Tessa Johnson came in off the bench to lead South Carolina with 19 points and played for 25 minutes. Caitlin Clark scored 30 in the losing effort.

Staley’s leadership has transformed South Carolina into a powerhouse, with the team becoming the 10th in history to go undefeated in a season. Staley’s coaching prowess and the team’s returning talent suggest more championship runs are on the horizon.

The Gamecocks’ success is attributed to Staley’s holistic approach to coaching, emphasizing discipline, respect, and the history of the game. Despite potential threats from other top teams like UConn and Texas, South Carolina’s future looks bright under Staley’s guidance.