When french fries are life, sometimes you have to do more than just tell people, “I’m lovin’ it,” you have to SHOW them. McDonald’s understands.
The fast-food giant has just launched a clothing and accessories line featuring t-shirts with the restaurant’s nicknames, socks with fry prints, and a Big Mac shaped make-up bag.
With the holidays upon us, there’s even a not so ugly Christmas sweater that shows off the golden arches.
Most prices are pretty affordable. The bag runs $20, while a winter beanie is only $15, but it’s SOLD OUT! I’ll be honest, I kind of love the McD’s Fry Socks. But then again, a large fry and a medium coke from the golden arches is one of my favorite snacks!

You’ve always wanted a pizza with a full hot dog on each slice, right? Of course you do!
Papa John’s is making those dreams come true…
The American Hot Dog Pizza included cheese, onions, relish, and a mustard sauce. Yes, there is a full frank on each piece.
Sadly, this treat is only available in South Korea. Aww darn. Was really hoping to snag one on the way home… NOT.

Papa Johns Hot Dog Pizza from Fresh Cut on Vimeo.


Chicken roasting on an open fire – fried chicken smell nipping at your nose.
KFC is selling a fried chicken-scented log that will fill your home with the smell of 23 herbs and spices.
The log is available while supplies last at walmart.com.
You’ll have to pay $18.99 to get one.
I’d just rather buy a $19 bucket of fried chicken. That’s way more satisfying to me.

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