As you’re driving home today, be very careful… a new study shows South Carolina drivers are among the worst in the country.

According to a study from, we rank No. 2 in the country for worst drivers. The lack of blinker usage ALONE makes me believe this statistic! Use them! Man, if we’re number 2, who’s number 1? Apparently, drivers in Maine are the worst.

Nebraska, California and North Dakota finish out the top five. North Carolina came in at 18.

The Palmetto State was ranked at number 2 because it says nearly half of the deadly crashes involve drunk driving. I would just like to say that this makes me extremely sad, considering that I lost someone because of drunk driving. We can do better. Please take Ubers, Lyfts, cabs or designate a driver y’all.

The group said it came up with its results by adding weighted means of accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations and deaths.

Who has the best drivers?  Michigan. Great. My husband is from Michigan, and he thinks I’m a bad driver, which I’m totally not. But now he’ll tell me that statistics backs up his claim as a better driver… I’ll tell him all the speeding tickets he has and I don’t have backs up my claim, but you know as well as I do, he won’t listen to that!

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