I’ve tried yoga a few times, and I know I should do it more, but there’s never time and usually it just makes me sleepy. Yoga is supposed to be quiet and meditative, right?

Well, what if you need something  a little more intense to aid in your personal release? Welcome to Rage Yoga! If quiet and concentrating isn’t your thing you’re in luck because Rage Yoga is everything but.

Instructor Ashley Duzich tells WJXT in Jacksonville, Florida, that Rage Yoga not only promotes yelling and cussing but, if you’re so inclined, beer drinking. Um, I like yelling, cussing like a sailor, and beer. This is my dream come true now that I have officially retired from roller derby, which used to help with my rage and frustration. Plus, you have to wait until AFTER you play roller derby to drink beer. With rage yoga, I can do it WHILE I’m yoga-ing. Win-win.

Duzich says it’s a good way to let go of everything that’s bottled up. So far, Duzich is one of only three instructors worldwide. Between this and 50% off Disney tickets for Florida residents, I may be moving to the Sunshine State soon…

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