Ozzy Osbourne may have taken 10 years to release his latest studio album, but fans won’t have to wait as long for the next go around.
Noting his downtime from touring as he seeks treatment for a form of Parkinson’s, The Prince Of Darkness says he could start work on the follow-up to Ordinary Man.
“I’m hoping that next month I’ll go and do another album with Andrew [Watt, Ordinary Man’s producer]. I might as well, while I’m not doing gigs,” he told iHeartRadio’s Eddie Pappani and Disturbed frontman David Draiman on Monday night.
As for packing in his legendary career, Ozzy admitted, “I’ve thought about it. I sometimes think crazy thoughts like that. I cannot retire. I love [the fans].”
What do you think of Ozzy’s latest release? How does it stack up to his other work?

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