In what might sound like a dream job to some people, a company is looking for someone to drive around the country as a spokesperson for its products. In addition to a salary and full benefits, all expenses for the vagabond life will be paid by the company. The downside is the successful candidate will have to make the journey in a giant hot dog on wheels.

Oscar Meyer is looking for a “hotdogger” to drive the iconic Wienermobile across “the hot dog highways of America” to serve as the company’s “traveling public relations firm,” the job listing reads. While one might think driving a large hot dog can’t be much harder than operating a regular car, Oscar Meyer is looking for a hotdogger with a BA or BS in a public relations-related field.

“Oscar Meyer uses the Wienermobile at special events throughout the country,” the ad reads. “And they need people like you to coordinate all aspects of Wienermobile travel and event management.” Visit Oscar Meyer’s website to apply.

You know what? I think I could be really good at this job. Maybe I’ll apply and travel the country in a weiner. 

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