Here’s how to fix your social anxiety.  Just have your own personal teleprompter tell you what to say . . .

A student at Stanford has been posting videos after he and some friends used ChatGPT to make A.I.-POWERED GLASSES that help you have conversations.  You could use them at parties, or even on dates.

Their prototype is very basic and wouldn’t fool anyone yet.  It’s a pair of glasses with a thick monocle stuck to one lens.  (Here’s a photo.)

It uses a speech-recognition program that listens to what the other person says.  Then it generates replies to read, and displays them right in front of your eyeball.  So if you’re bad at chit-chat, it does it for you.

They fed it details about their friends’ personal lives, so it would have things to ask about.  But eventually, it could look people up on social media to find that stuff.  (Like, “Hey, I saw on Facebook that you love Thai food.  Me too!”)

The current version isn’t fast enough.  There’s a long pause before the text pops up.  But once it works in real-time and isn’t obvious, a LOT of people might use it.

Two videos have been making the rounds.  One shows a guy using the glasses in a simulated job interview.  And the second shows a guy using them to flirt with a coworker.

Here’s the feature EVERYONE will want though.  It can also recognize faces, and tell you what the person’s name is when they walk up to you.