We might finally know why bugs are attracted to lightbulbs.  Basically, they’re just really dumb and think any bright light is the direction of the sky. Moth love lamp.



A study this week found people who take a ton of selfies might not actually be that vain.  Selfies are just more likely to make us think “what a great EXPERIENCE” than “what a great SHOT.”  Somehow, we instinctively know that.  And that’s why we love taking them.  They say some people ARE just vain though.

A study in Germany found lead singers’ vocals have gradually gotten quieter and quieter in pop songs over the past 75 years.  (Lookin’ at you, Billie Eilish.)



The first privately funded moon lander crashed.  But it got a great photo of an “Earthrise” before it died.  That’s the Earth rising on the Moon, the way the sun rises here.  (Here’s the photo.)

Also, astronomers released the first image of a black hole’s jet spewing out material.  And a poll found we’re more likely to think humans will be on Mars by 2040.  56% said yes, up from 49% last year.

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