Nerd News: Electric Cruise Ships & Eye Drops To Correct Sight

Every Friday we take a look at the latest findings in science, technology, health, and more! This week:


Try to ease into next week, especially if you’re getting older.  Another study found deadly heart attacks are most likely to happen on a Monday.

An estimated 15% of U.S. adults have tinnitus, and now, a team from the University of Michigan has developed a new treatment device . . . though there are still some clearance hurdles before it could become available.

How old were you when you first got glasses?  Pretty soon, kids might not have to get them so early.  Researchers at Ohio State are working on special eyedrops that could prevent or delay nearsightedness.

Turns out we weren’t the first to bury our dead.  100,000 years before modern humans, a species called Homo naledi was already doing it.  (nah-LED-ee)  They also carved stuff on cave walls, but their brains were about a third the size of ours.


You’ve heard of electric cars, but a cruise company has revealed plans for a zero-emissions electric cruise ship with retractable sails covered in solar panels.  It could set sail as soon as . . . 2030.

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