Yesterday I told you about A mix-up at Dairy Queen that caused a baker to make a marijuana-themed cake, complete with a pot leaf design and a stoned-looking My Little Pony character. Apparently, Kensli Davis wanted Moana on the baked good, but Cassandra Walker clearly heard something else.

While the viral photos gave everyone a good chuckle, unfortunately, the gaffe cost the Georgia woman her job.

After Davis shared her story on Facebook, news traveled up the corporate chain, who then served Walker with termination papers.

“I can see where they get it, that it’s a funny mix-up, but at the same time, they do not know I lost my job behind it,” Walker reveals to the local news station, adding, “I’ve never had anyone tell me I couldn’t make this kind of cake.”

That really sucks for her, but I think there’s an opportunity here for her: open up a bake shop with marijuana and other adult themed baked goods! There’s a silver lining here, and it’s frosted with a pot-leafed My Little Pony. 

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