The last season of Game of Thrones is one of the most-watched events ever. Surely fans would catch the least little discrepancy.
In Sunday’s episode The Last of the Starks, a Starbucks coffee cup made it into a scene.
A little less than 15 minutes in, the cup shows up in front of Daenerys. OOPS!
Yes, social media noticed and had a field day. There are plenty of memes floating around today from the editing mishap.
I didn’t notice the mishap, but now I’m going to go back and watch it again to see.
Check out our Fire & Ice Death Pool and see how you’re doing! One of the main characters was killed off this week… you may have earned another point! Too bad we didn’t add a “find the
Starbucks cup” in our contest. That could have been a huge point booster.

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