Metallica also used visuals from “Stranger Things” for their “Master of Puppets” performance. Then the band met Joe Quinn from “Stranger Things,’ and invited him backstage at Lollapalooza.

James Hetfield said, quote,

“I’m a big fan of [the show] since Season One.  My kids and I, it’s been a bonding experience for us . . . Thanks for doing [our song] justice, by the way.  You definitely did.”

Joe said they’re all he’s been listening to for two years.  Metallica did a quick “Master of Puppets” jam session with him before giving him a replica guitar of the one he uses in the show.  They even signed it for him.

Lars Ulrich also joked, quote, “We’d like to make an announcement.  Metallica is now a five-piece, guys.”

(See photos here and here.)

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