Here’s your “awww” moment for the day. A Canadian dad mic’d up his 4-year-old during hockey practice to give us all an insight into what the boy was thinking on the ice.
Playing for the Timbits, “Coach Jeremy” learned his son really wants to head out to “Badonalds” for a “baby happy meal.”
Mason’s legs also get really tired from all that skating and he announces that he’d like a nap, and then just lays down on the ice.
Perhaps he’ll one day make the big leagues, as Mason is pretty good with his stick handling, and even makes “a FLAP-Shot” or two.
Kids say the cutest things. Once, my son asked me if I wanted hand appetizer to get rid of the germs. He also wanted to watch the Beberly Hills Chickawawa movie. My daughter once asked to watch her best friend’s favorite movie: The Corn Hickles of Ted and Nadia, which translates to The Chronicles of Narnia. What’s great about this: I can totally tell their future spouses about the adorable, embarrassing things they said.