Tucker Carlson’s interview with kid Rock aired last night on Fox News.

We’d already heard the part about Kid saying he can’t be canceled, because he doesn’t give a . . . well, you know.  And also because he’s not beholden to any record labels or other corporate interests. Here are some of the other highlights:

Kid is a serious workaholic:  His workday stretches from about 3:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Then he enjoys himself on Friday night and Saturday, rests on Sunday, and gets back to it on Monday morning. Quote, “This doesn’t happen without discipline.  You know, people only see the wild side . . . at the end of the day I work my ass off.”


The message of his new album:  “To my fans, I love you dearly.  To you critics, haters, and trolls, go [eff] yourself.” He adds, quote, “Sometimes I do things purposefully, just to kinda be a wiseass and look like a little bit of a [D-word].”


On who his fans are:  “Hard-workin’ folks who love to have a good time.”


He has friends on both sides of the aisle:  “I’m not opposed to anybody’s opposing views.  I’ve got some friends . . . who are left and a little farther than that on some things.  “I love getting together with them and cuttin’ it up and having a couple beers and talking about things and hearing both sides.  I think that’s important.”


On not touring outside the U.S.:  “I just have no interest . . . I like my own bed.  I’m big in Kentucky, man.”


What it’s like to golf with Donald Trump:  “Awesome, so much fun.  He just knows how to have fun, doesn’t take it too seriously.” As for Trump’s demeanor these days, Kid Rock says he seems “great” . . . although he was a little down after the election.  But over all, quote, “He’s still the same guy.”


His view of Dr. Anthony Fauci:  “[Eff] Fauci.”  He adds, quote, “I believed all the [B.S.] in the beginning.”


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