Just The Tip Tuesday: The First Of The Month Rule

Just The Tip Tuesday is here to make your life easier, and today we talk about the “first of the month rule”!

Before you ask, no, it’s not a real rule. It’s some stupid thing that I’ve set in my head in an effort to create routine and order in what is otherwise chaos. It’s a simple rule: any of the small tasks that you have to do on a monthly basis: do them on the 1st. Yup, that’s the entire premise.  Before you laugh, I promise you it makes life easier!

Our phones are not just there to beg for nudes and watch videos of kids falling down. The Calendar and the Notes section are two of my most used apps, because I’m not trying to remember little details. I write things down and forget about it. I schedule things and set an alert. Stop using your brain to remember everything and use it to be creative and funny and mindful and present.

So today, on September 1st I know I have to: grab a fresh pair of contacts, change out my Brita water filter, and lay on the floor for 20 minutes to contemplate my entire existence and if life is really worth it.



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