Just The Tip Tuesday: Become A Better Googler

My internet PI skills are TRASH. I give something one google and if the answer doesn’t show up in the first three results, then I assume it’s just something I don’t need to know. We have the world at our finger tips but a smart phone is only as smart as the person using it, and well…sometimes, I’m just not my best self. So here are some tips to help you get more precise results in your Google searches.

Use “quotation marks” and your results will show that exact word/phrase
ie: “feet pics for sale”
– Dashes: if you want to exclude a term from your search include a hyphen before that word
ie: eagles -football
~ Tilde: when you want its synonyms to appear in the result
ie: ~therapists near me
Site: use this when you want to search a specific site
ie: site:fox1023.com
Still can’t find the answer “what is the point of life?”

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