I know I’ve said this a million times before, but I LOVE cheese. One of my favorite things to get at dinner is a cheese board, which you’ll see below. I haven’t found a cheese yet that I don’t love. I love soft cheese, hard cheese, yellow cheese, white cheese, marbled cheese, herbed cheese… you get it; I’ll stop before I sound like Bubba from Forrest Gump. Cheese is my favorite, especially blue cheese. I have a weakness for blue cheese. Eating a hunk of cheese is a pretty common snack for me. Cheese belongs on almost everything. It’s really the best food on the planet. I would have to say I eat a lot of cheese.

Apparently, I’m not alone. Every american is consuming 36 pounds of cheese each year. I think I probably eat more than 36 pounds of cheese of cheese by myself every year…

All of these pictures are cheese boards I’ve made or gotten at a restaurant. And they were all delicious and now I really want a hunk of cheese.

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