Cockroaches may be hard to kill, but at least you CAN kill them. Your ex, on the other hand, not so much… Most of us probably aren’t on good terms with an ex, so one zoo wants you to take something that reminds you of an unpleasant time in your life and turn it into something positive!
An English zoo is asking for just $2 to have a cockroach named after an “ex-someone” in your life.
The Hemsley Conservation Centre will do the naming honors, then use the money for special projects at the zoo.
You, on the other hand, get the satisfaction of the naming rights, and you are donating to a worthy cause. Win-win!
I’m naming mine after my ex… and it’s not even my ex-husband! I can buy more than one, right? This seems like a bargain. I know it’s petty, but on days when I need a little giggle, I can think to myself “I named a cockroach after my ex.” That’s worth $2 to me.

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