An uninvited guest wrecked a Florida couple’s picnic in the park, spoiling the romance by devouring all their food.
Taylor Forte planned the Thursday afternoon affair to celebrate with fiancé Trevor Walters before he shipped off with the Marines.
The duo was forced to sprint away from the shores of Lake Alice when a gator lumbered up to the blanket and chomped down on their charcuterie plate, including the entire block of cheese.
While they managed to chase away the huge reptile, there was one victim. According to Walters, “The worst part is we had a big bowl of guac made. He eats the whole bowl. He put the whole bowl in his mouth.”
No way! Unacceptable! Guacamole is a time consuming thing to make from scratch, plus it’s delicious, and cheese?! You NEVER mess with my cheese. This alligator has good taste, but bad timing! This brings back memories of the time that stupid seagull took my pizza right out of my mouth in Venice, Italy. I’m still mad about that one…

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