Believe it or not…The emoji that you can use…Like the smiley face or the poo emoi are controlled by the Unicode Consortium.

Now I’m not going to go into the Consortium and why it was founded and what it does, but it basically keeps things uniform so that we can talk to each other.

If you’re curious here’s a story on the whole thing from the kids at NPR.

But now to the point of the story.  Since Kids in The Hall I have used the following phrase while making a pinching motion…”I’m crushing your head”

Well now the fine people at the largely unaccountable international conspiracy known as the Unicode Consortium have finally released an emoji for me.

They announced it with 58 other new emoji and 171 new variations

The new ones include deaf person, people in wheelchairs, people with probing canes, mechanical arms and legs and service dogs.

Also otters, orangatan, ice cube…not the rapper/actor…an actual cube of ice, garlic, falafel, and a ringed planet.

See them all here


But for now…I’m crushing your head…crush…crush.