Thinking of Re-Binging Breaking Bad, El Camino or Better Call Saul? Here’s the order in how to watch. Trust me, I’ve watched all the series, many times!

No! You absolutely shouldn’t watch ‘El Camino’ without watching ‘Breaking Bad’ first. This is a 2nd series finale for ‘Breaking Bad’. Even though they’re calling it a “Breaking Bad Movie”….it’s not a stand alone, even if creator Vince Gilligan says you can watch it without watching the series. He’s full of it. This is closure for Jesse’s character. Also, there’s spoilers. HUGE spoilers if you decide to go back and watch ‘Breaking Bad’.


Yes! You can Watch ‘El Camino before watching ‘Better Call Saul’. Even though you shouldn’t. There are a few things you need to understand.

No! You shouldn’t watch ‘Better Call Saul’ before watching ‘Breaking Bad’ first. Even though it’s a prequel.


Yes! You can watch ‘Better Call Saul’ before ‘Breaking Bad’ if you want, but the joy of watching this prequel is to see how it all came together, but you’ll lose a big part of understanding the main character. There’s an empathy for him that grows in you because he’s so one dimensional in ‘Breaking Bad’. You need to see Saul Goodman in his final stages of being a sleazy lawyer first.

Trust me!

Ever learn a deep and dark secret about someone and say to yourself…”DAMN! That’s why they act like that!”? Prequels aren’t meant to be watched first. They’re an art form all in their own.

So to play it safe…

1: Breaking Bad
2: Better Call Saul
3. El Camino

Now thank me and go re-binge!