If only the second semi had spilled a load of tortilla chips, Texas authorities could have thrown a street party. But as it turned out, they were left with a huge mess to clean up after an accident involving two trucks left 40,000 avocados spilled all over the highway.

The accident occurred at about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday about 35 miles northeast of San Antonio. A tractor-trailer carrying avocados overturned, causing its cargo box to tear open, spilling a good portion of its 20-ton cargo onto the highway. A second semi then crashed into it, finishing the unloading process, a spokesman for the Cibolo Police Department says.

The highway had to be shut down for several hours during morning rush hour while workers cleared the slippery smashed fruit from the roadway. Police have not yet determined what caused the first truck to overturn.

The worst thing about this: the cost of avocados will go up now!

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