A Texas family has come under fire by their homeowners association for getting into the holiday spirit a little too early.

San Antonio resident Nick Simonis says he decorated his yard with a fake snowman, some reindeer and a Santa on November 1st.

He looked at his work…And he was pleased.

A few days later, he received a letter from the HOA that read, in part, “Maintenance – Holiday Decorations Need To Be Removed. Please remove the snowman until closer to the holiday season.”

Simonis says his initial shock upon receiving the order soon turned into anger.

“I was like, ‘Wow, that’s a first,'” he says. “I was angry. We’re not going to do it. It’s the Christmas spirit. We’re not going to be forced by the HOA to take it down.”

As Simonis prepared himself for an all-out battle with the HOA, the type of Christmas miracle that usually happens in holiday films began occurring:

Neighbors who heard of the issue began setting up their decorations early, too, disarming the HOA.

“These are the holidays,” neighbor Charles Minton says. “This is what we do. We take care of our neighbors.”