Here Are the Best and Worst Days to Fly for the Holidays This Year

Flying lately is, um, a really expensive way to torture yourself?  Is that overstating it?  And it’s not going to get EASIER or CHEAPER when the holiday travel rush hits in a few months.

So here’s advice from the experts at The Vacationer on the best and worst days to fly for the holidays this year.  Oh, and the time to book for the best prices is NOW.

The best days to fly TO Thanksgiving are the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving, or on the holiday itself.  The worst day is Wednesday.

The best days to fly home FROM that trip are Black Friday, or the Monday or Tuesday of the next week.  The worst day is Sunday.

The best days to fly TO Christmas are Sunday, December 18th . . . Monday, December 19th . . . Tuesday, December 20th . . . or Christmas Eve or Christmas.  The worst days are Thursday, December 22nd and Friday, December 23rd.

The best return dates are Wednesday, December 28th . . . Thursday, December 29th . . . and Friday, December 30th.  The worst return dates are Monday, December 26th and Tuesday, December 27th.

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