Want to Rewatch ‘Game of Thrones’ Before the Finale? Here’s When to Start!

Every ‘GOT’ fan knows the final season airs on April 14th. So, if you are prepping by doing a total rewatch, or watching for the first time to hop on the bandwagon, this is how you should tackle it. My husband and I have been rewatching the series since the holiday break and we’re already on season 6. We could potentially watch it one more time before the season premiere.
If you want to watch an episode per day, start on February 6th. Three a day? March 23rd. But, if you are really into binging and want to get five in a day, no need to begin until April 1st.
If you want to stretch it out a bit, five episodes a week would have needed to start on January 14th but hey, you can sneak in a two-a-day. Seven episodes per week give you a start date of February 7th, while one season per week pushes you back to February 25th.
If the weekdays aren’t your thing, here’s the binge-watching weekend schedule. Start watching six episodes per weekend on January 26th. If you miss that deadline, ten episodes a weekend by March 2nd. Or, if you are in for the total overhaul, one season per weekend beginning February 26th!
Winter is here!

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