Here’s a crazy promotional idea that people will sign up for.
Arby’s is celebrating their new sandwiches featuring King’s Hawaiian rolls by sending customers to Hawaii for $6. That’s right, just $6.
Here is the catch. If you are lucky enough to land a trip, you’ll get a first-class plane ticket, land in Hawaii, eat one of the new sandwiches on a beach and hop back on a plane to return home. There is no overnight stay. You go, eat and leave.
At Noon Eastern time on April 12th (Friday), five tickets will be available to purchase. They will do the same thing on April 15th. Basically, you have to be pretty lucky to get one of these spots.
Y’all know how bad my flight anxiety is! This is NOT worth it for me. I’d need a few days to have some Tiki drinks, eat some Arby’s sandwiches, sleep on the beach, relax, and THEN get back on the plane full of anti-anxiety meds. The only perk here is the $6 flight to paradise.

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