Concert Tickets Then Vs. Concert Tickets Now

It’s no secret that the price of concert tickets has skyrocketed in recent years – but it’s jarring to see just how much tickets cost now vs. in the 90’s.

The folks out Loudwire ran down a few 90’s acts still going today, and compared ticket prices then vs. ticket prices now!

  • Metallica: The band’s 1991 Black Album tour sold lower-level tickets for $22.50.  The band’s upcoming M72 tour will charge upwards of $750 for tickets near the front. That’s a 3,233% depending on how close to the stage you’d like to be in 2022!
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers charged $28.50 for floor seats during their 1999 tour – during their recent ‘Unlimited Love’ tour, the average ticket price was $178. For the average ticket, that’s a 525% increase in ticket price.
  • Guns N’ Roses charged just $14.50 for general admission on the 1987 Appetite for Destruction tour.  Their 2022 tour ranged from $67 to $214. Depending on your seats, you’re looking at anywhere from 363% to 1,378% increase in ticket price since 1987.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a concert ticket?  What do feel like a typical show cost in the 90’s?