Beard Sets Christmas Record

An Idaho man is celebrating after breaking a Guinness World Record.

Joel Strasser earned the record for most baubles in a beard when he managed to attach 710 tiny ornaments to his face earlier this month. Strasser was competing against himself this year, having set the record in 2019 with 302 baubles, then beating that in 2020 with 542 baubles and breaking it once again in 2021 in 686 baubles.

Strasser explained, “My technique has evolved and gotten a lot more specialized over the years that I’ve been breaking the record. I stuck them in a lot more haphazardly at first and that’s why those first beard bauble record numbers were so low.”

It took Strasser two and a half hours to assemble the baubles onto his beard, and over an hour to remove them. The decorations add up to five pounds.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever decorated?