This is how I know I’m not a survivor because one time I saw a small stuffed teddy bear in a tree at Sesqui Park and it scared me. So I’d probably have a heart attack and die, just out of fear, if a cougar was following me, which is exactly what happened to Kyle Burgess as was heading back from a trail run at Slate Canyon in Utah.

On the hike came across four creatures on the trail ahead of him & quickly realized they were cougar cubs. Before he could react, the 26-year-old Orem man found himself face to face with the cubs’ mother for over 6 minutes as he continued his walk.

Eventually the cougar stops following him, and I’m left to hope that he didn’t have to go the way he came to get back to his car or his house.

Also, a friendly reminder, we’re part of the ecosystem, not above it. And when you’re outside, you’re in their house:)



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