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What’s the grossest thing you’ve witnessed in a restaurant?

My first server gig was at O’Charley’s in Greenville, SC in 2007. I had moved there randomly for a change of scenery and restaurant jobs tend to be the quickest to get into. After that, I was a server and bartender at a pub in NJ while I went to school. So maybe, it was 2/2.5 years of combined experience and it ended in 2009. Even to this day, whenever I go out to eat, I think “thank god I’m not a server anymore.”

It’s not because the job itself is terrible, it’s not. You can potentially make really good money. But usually, it’s high turnover, can be extremely stressful, and you quickly learn how difficult people are to deal with. It’s my personal belief that you should have to be licensed to enter the work force and in order to get that license, you must work 6-12 months at a restaurant.

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