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A Man’s Halloween Decorations Are So Gruesome, Neighbors Call The Cops

The best part of any holiday is getting to drive around see how festive people get! And I mostly enjoy that because I never decorate for anything. I’m internally festive. I move too much to be carting around decorations with me, okay?

And Halloween really brings out the creativity for so many! From cute and Casper the Friendly Ghost-like to the over the top scary, you can see all types of vibes around town. I immediately laughed when I saw this tweet. This man’s Halloween decorations were so “gruesome” that neighbors and passerby’s would call the cops. Maybe I enjoy it because I don’t live next to it (I wonder what his neighbors who share the porch and walkway think?!) or maybe because I don’t have children, I don’t see how it’s completely out of line. So what do you think?!




Did this man go too far with his Halloween decorations?

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